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King is by far my favorite novel author. He knows how to expertly write a long 1200+ page book that never lags and completely emerges you in the world he has written about. His short stories are no exception, in his introduction of this book he writes about how it takes him longer to write novellas and short stories then novels because stories have to be complete and not feel unfinished at the end of 100 or so pages. So now since I've said all that I'll get to it... his stories in this book are amazing!
In Mile 81 a young boy gets a little to curious about an abandoned rest area on the highway; what drives up to welcome the visitors is terrifying. In Premium Harmony a man faces an unexpected tragedy (in true King fashion, this one made me cry). In Bad Little Kid a man is tormented by an evil child. In Ur a man buys a Kindle that unbeknownst to him comes from another dimension. All of the stories in this collection are great, the ones I listed are just a few of my favorites. I recommend this book for all King fans.