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Books 4 Kids Christmas Book Gifting Event
Books for Kids 

Brand-new charity book gifting event, sponsored by Oregon Books & Games in cooperation with the Grants Pass Active Club.  How it works is, you can purchase a book at Oregon Books & Games at our cost, and a child will receive the book with their name on it, along with their food basket provided by the Active Club.  For some kids, this could be the only gift they receive.

Rewind just a few years...  Robert and Karen Moore, owners of Oregon Books & Games have been running their bookstore here in Grants Pass for twenty six years and are grateful for all their wonderful customers and friends who have made that possible.  The other day, Robert was thinking about how he and his wife are in their early seventies and how it's time to give back to the community that has shown them so much love and support over the years.  He's been involved with the local literacy counsel, promoting literacy for adults as well as the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Education Committee.  Along with his passion for shopping local and keeping our community strong, Robert would like to encourage people to do their giving locally.  So, he started looking for an local charitable organization to partner with, to give kids the gift of literacy.  That's when they got in contact with the Grants Pass Active Club and offered to help with their Christmas for Kids program as well as the Gospel Rescue Mission and the kids they come into contact with.  

So, here's where you, the person reading this comes in!  You can partner with Oregon Books & Games to bring the gift of literacy to children throughout our community.  Stop by Oregon Books & Games and pick a star off the Christmas tree with the name and age of a local boy or girl.  Then visit the book bin, where appropriate books have been pre-selected, or browse the store for a book you would like to gift to that boy or girl.  The books are available at cost and will be given to these deserving kids in time for Christmas.   So be a hero; make a child happy this Christmas; stop in to Oregon Books & Games and support "Books for Kids".